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New design of the LPDS website

The LPDS website has been re-designed to follow the new MTA SZTAKI design and to be more ergonomic. The new website can be accessed at the same link at

The new SZTAKI image will be introduced on our other websites and social media pages in the next few weeks.

By visiting our new website and following our social media channels you could be up-to-date about our laboratory's everyday news. You can subscribe to our RSS feed here.

Professor Patrick Martin visited SZTAKI LPDS

Professor Patrick Martin visited SZTAKI LPDS and held a presentation about QoS-Aware Cloud Application Management yesterday.

The abstract of his speech:
Cloud computing is attractive to many organizations because of its support for on-demand resources. The processes of deploying and running an application on the cloud need to be simple and efficient in order to justify the costs incurred in moving to the cloud.   Unfortunately this is not necessarily the case today.  Cloud application management therefore needs to become more provider-independent, autonomic and Quality-of-Service (QoS) aware. We are developing the QuARAM framework for QoS-aware autonomic cloud application management. It will support application developers in selecting
a cloud provider, provisioning resources on the provider, deploying the application, and then managing the execution of the application.

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